“Add-A-Drawer” Option


So you’d like an additional small yet private storage area added to your organizer selection!?  We’ll, you’ve come to the perfect offering here at the “Add-A-Drawer” listing!  We can add a drawer to any organizer that you are considering purchasing… or, if you are already a Chetnanigans’ Customer, we can add a drawer to your existing organizer!  Every drawer is equipped with our “Mag-Snap” Feature assuring a tight and perfectly fitting close every time.  Each drawer is about 7″ wide and 2″ high.  Every drawer is enclosed in a beautiful 1/4″ Red Oak housing designed to be an extension of your organizer base.  And like all of our products, your drawer will delight and enhance your crafting experience immediately upon receiving it!  Go ahead an add a drawer to your organizer to make it unique, different and ultimately your most used tool for your crafting area!

Since opening Chetnanigans, we’ve had folks request drawers being added to our organizers.  Initially, I was hesitant in that in order to add a drawer, I had to make two boxes, one to fit inside of the other, and both at tolerances within 1/32″.  When I was first starting out, this was a pretty significant request!  And even today, with such tight tolerances, it still takes a full day in the shop to add a drawer to any one of our organizers!

However, the response from our customers demands that we make this an option!  So if you are in need of a drawer to be added to your organizer, simply select this option, and we’ll build you a drawer on the bottom of your selected organizer.  You dimensions will be as follows: The width of your drawer (as almost all of our organizers are 7″ wide) will be ~ 6.5″, while the height of your drawer will be ~ 2″.  Your drawer’s depth (measurement from the front to the rear of the drawer) will be determined by the model that you are adding it to…  An organizer is about 3.5″ deep while the Elite is about 7″ deep.  All of our drawers are installed with what we call “Mag-Snap” Technology.  This is the inclusion of two magnets set in a position so that the drawer will “snap” closed when it is within 1/4″ of it’s fully closed position.  This helps the outside drawer boundaries stay perfectly aligned with the outside of the box boundaries, adding to the cosmetic appeal, and minimizing unsightly misaligned joints.  The drawer itself will be fitted into the drawer box with tolerances of under 1/8″.  It will be a smooth, yet tight fit.

If you are a previous Chetnanigans’ Customer, and would like to have a drawer added to your existing organizer, simply box up your organizer, mail it to us and we’ll be happy to add a drawer to your heirloom.  You are responsible for the packaging and shipping of the organizer to us, but know that when you receive it back, it will be fully “re-oiled” and look nearly identical to the day that you first received it!  Your drawer will have the same dimensions as referenced above.

Finally, your Drawer addition to your organizer will help differentiate your purchase from another Chetnanigans’ Organizer in that only a few of our customers have requested this option.  However, the ability to have a compact storage area to hold your craft items right “at hand” is almost unparalleled and our customer’s who have selected this addition couldn’t be happier.  Oh, and as this item will likely last you a lifetime, shouldn’t you design it to be the exact solution that you’ve been looking for all these years?!  Go ahead an order your drawer today!

As with all of our products, your drawer addition will be hand crafted and built right here in our little shop in Midlothian Virginia with the same care, consideration and quality as are all of our products!  Thanks for considering Chetnanigans for your crochet accessory purchases!


Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in


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