Black Diamond Ultra Blocking Board – Limited Edition


You are looking at what might be the most beautiful blocking board in the world!  Constructed from 32 small triangular shapes and assembled into a 13″ x 13″ blocking board (12″ square working surface), this Ultra is unlike any others boards that we sell.  There are 625 holes on the working surface to provide you with a limitless number of blocking options.  Spacing is at 1/2″ from hole to hole.  The Black Diamond Ultra ships with 75 six inch stainless steel pins and a set of Chetnanigans “Ultra” Perfector Strips.

The Black Diamond Ultra is assembled from corners cut off when I build a SpinOff (small triangular pieces).  I save those pieces until I have a set of ~ 40.  Then I glue them together, trim and sand to get them square and then assemble them into the board configuration.  It’s a slow and tedious process.  The triangles are not square and must be sanded / filed to get them to a configuration that will work in the board.  It takes a number of months to collect enough triangles to complete one of these boards.  It is listed as a Limited Edition as I do not see having enough triangles to build another one of these for several months, probably sometime next summer.  Know that you are considering purchasing one of the most unique blocking boards in the world.  We have not seen another design that comes close to the beauty of this board.  Couple that with the simple and direct functionality of this board and you have a combination that cannot be matched.

The Black Diamond Ultra ships with a customized stand (Black Walnut and Oak), 75 Six Inch Pins and a set of Chetnanigans Perfector Strips.  The back of the board is fully felted to protect your working surface, and it is finished with four coats of Polyurethane for a glass-like working surface.

Thank you for considering the Black Diamond Ultra as a crochet accessory in your home.  We realize that this product is not for everyone, but we do know that there is one person in our world that wants and deserves such a fine blocking board.

Weight 4.25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in


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