Chetnanigans Blocker Board Replacement Pins



Looking for additional or replacement pins for your Chetnanigans Blocking Board?  We’ve got them here at only $0.40 each (that’s $0.40 per pin), and we offer FREE SHIPPING on our replacement pin orders!  Please be sure to indicate which length you’d like when you order!  Thanks for considering our shop for this purchase!  Please note additional restrictions below (must be a Chetnanigans Blocking Board Customer to order)

Sean & Holly

Dear Chetnanigans Customers,

Many of our past and current blocking board customers request additional pins.  After some discussion, we’ve decided to offer replacement and additional pins to any Chetnanigans customer who has purchased (or is purchasing) from us a compatible board solution (sorry, but our pins are not available to customers who have not purchased from us a blocking board solution).

Our pins are made from high quality steel, and are polished with each end carefully rounded so as to assure proper fitting and to minimize catching on your yarn as you use these products.

Some of our competitors are using ¼” dowels as pins, but these are over twice the thickness of our pins!  Larger pins stretch your corners, poke holes throughout the sides of your squares, and are generally more difficult to manage.  We have found that thinner, metal solutions are a far better option for our customers to use versus wooden dowels with their rough edges and inherent curves and twists.

To order, please contact us at either, or to confirm your pin length (2″, 4″ or 6″ pins), your total quantity of pins, and hit send!  The pins will ship to you at a free shipping cost!  They’ll ship within 2- 3 weeks and know that you will have a near perfect solution to block your granny squares that beats nearly any of our competitors’ offerings!

And although you are considering a purchase of polished, cut and finished wire, please know that as with all of Chetnanigans’ products, our replacement pins are made with care, consideration to detail right here in our little shop in Midlothian. VA. Thanks for considering and know that extra pins are always a pleasure to have when your finishing your Granny Square Projects!  Thanks for the consideration of our request!


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