Chetnanigans’ Granny Square Perfector Strips (New)


Ever been frustrated by blocking a number of squares only to find that the top squares are smaller than the squares on the bottom of your stack?!  Well that is no longer an issues for the Chetnanigans Blocking Board Owners!  Introducing the Chetnanigans’ Granny Square Perfector Strips!  These simple tools will allow you to match the top of your granny squares exactly with the bottom of your stack of squares!  It’s a simple solution…  available in sets of 4 strips that match the base of our Blocking Boards and instantaneously you have a stack of 30 squares that are identical in size at the top and bottom of your stack!  Read all about these amazing products below and thanks for thinking about Chetnanigans for your purchase considerations!

Chetnanigans introduces the absolute solution to square blocking – The Perfector Strips!

It has been brought to our attention that our some of our professional fiber artists are forced to deal with an issue that has plagued crochet enthusiasts since they first started blocking their work!  Every fiber artist knows that stacking their granny squares in quantities more than 2 or 3 at a tine results in their finished products having the squares on the top of the blocking device, smaller than those at the bottom.  This has been an issue forever!  Our Perfector Strips eliminates this issue.

This is solution that is perfect for those of you who have found that after blocking your squares in quantities, there is still a variation in the size of the squares that you are joining, depending on where it was in the stack.  Thos on the bottom are nearly perfect, while those at the top of the stack gradually get a wee bit smaller.

The Perfector strips are a simple solution that can help you secure up to 30 (#4 wool / yarn) squares to be identical whether they are at the bottom or the top of the granny square stack!  These items sell in a package of 4, and come in either 8.5″ or 13″ lengths (to accommodate either of Chetnanigans blocking board buyers!).  They are finished in raw red oak, so we suggest that for those of you who damp mist their board, mist them prior to adding the Perfector Strips.  The strips have a 6″ area in 1/2″ spacing for those of you with motifs or smaller granny square objects, and for those of you who have a larger project in mind, the balance of the strip in finished in 1″ increments!  Built in red oak for durability. We believe that you just might find this solution a perfect answer to your square blocking issues!


Weight .500 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 4 × 4 in


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