Chetnanigans Mag-Snap Swift


Introducing the Chetnanigans Mag-Snap Swift

There have been requests from some of our customers that we design and build a swift.  With nearly 300 of these available on Etsy alone, I didn’t see a need to create yet another version, until someone suggested that ours include MAGNETS!  Then I became very interested.  Here are the highlights!

  • Swift arms are 15” x ¾”, allowing for a 29” spread between two opposing arms
  • Arm Yarn Pin Holes at 1” increments from 14.5” – 6” (arm end to swift center)
  • Each arm has an embedded magnet that corresponds with a strong base magnet
  • The Swift includes 4 arms, 4 stainless steel pins, the swivel base and a storage bag
  • The mechanism used for the spin is a 3” Lazy Susan mechanism
  • The base comes with rubber feet so that it does not move when in use
  • Each arm can hold up to ~ 6 ounces (max of 24 oz total weight)
  • All surfaces sanded to a very smooth finish to protect your yarn

See complete description below and thanks for considering Chetnanigans Mag-Snap Swift

About a year ago, Holly purchased 2 skeins of yarn that required a swift.  She and I had several conversations and I encouraged her to find one online and purchase it.  Recently, a customer suggested that we build one using magnets, and that intrigued me.  We began to talk about how our swift could be lightweight, compact and could be assembled and disassembled in mere seconds.  And the Mag-Snap Swift was born.  At the core is a series of eight magnets, four ½” magnets and four powerful 5/8” magnets.  Once these two magnets make contact, it takes a significant force to separate them.  The spinning mechanism is a 3” Lazy Susan technology that allows the swift to spin easily and with consistency.  The arms have yarn pin hole every 1” from 14.5” to 6” from the center of the base.  The unit is perfect for hand winding as well as ball winders.  We used a ball winder at full speed and it performed perfectly!  It is constructed using red oak and every surface is carefully sanded to assure you that your yarn will not “catch” on any part of our swift.  Finally, our swift ships with a Chetnangans Storage bag to keep all your swift parts together and ready for your next usage!

Like all of our handcrafted items, our Mag-Snap Swift is created right here in our little wood shop with great care and consideration to detail.  We think that this might be a great addition to your heirloom quality accessory collection and are grateful for your purchase consideration.

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 in


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