Chetnanigans Magnetic Blocking Board Option


Chetnanigans offers our Blocking Board Customers the ability to enhance their blocking experience by adding magnetics to their blocking board purchases to build either a 16″ x 16″ solution or a 24″ x 24″ solution!  It’s simple, purchase a Chetnanigans Blocking Board solution, add the Magnetic Blocking Board Option, and you’re on your way to blocking squares up to 24″.  And the best part is whether you chose to purchase 4 boards at once, or over several year period, the magnetic patterns will not change.  That means that you can buy whenever you want knowing that regardless of when you purchased your blocking boards, they will always “snap together” exactly as planned to provide you with an over sized blocking square platform!

Chetnanigans Introduces our “Magnetic Blocking Board” Option – New From Chetnanigans!

Over the last few years, we’ve had some customers ask us for a 16″+ blocking board solution. For several reasons, we weren’t able to supply that item to our customers… Until Now! Chetnanigans introduces our Large Blocking Solution Option, The “Magnetic Blocking Board”! Chetnanigans has begun offering a solution to those looking for a large blocking solution (16″ or 24″ solutions) by offering to add magnetics to their handcrafted blocking boards and connect these board to offer either a 16″ or 24″ square solution!

Here’s how it works… we’ve added a 1/4″ strip of red oak or black walnut (as appropriate to the model) to the right side and bottom of our handcrafted blocking boards. Inside of this added trim, we’ve incorporated 12 magnets (6 per side) and have crafted the placement of these magnets to align with either the side or bottom of all of our magnetic boards. This allows us to align up to 4 boards to “magnetically snap together” to create an over sized blocking board or area (16″ when applied to our 8″ boards, or 24″ when applied to our 12″ BlocksAll Boards).

Our Magnetic Blocking Board Option allows our customers to collect a series of blocking board over time that will eventually lead to a series of 4 boards connecting together to provide a blocking board area of either 16″ x 16″ (8″ solutions) or 24″ x 24″ (12″ solutions). The real beauty of the solution is that each blocking board is a dual function solution; it can be used independently as a separate blocking board tool, or can be added to three other boards to provide a “total, over sized blocking board solution”.

The magnets are placed in exactly the same position within each and every board, so whether you purchase all four boards at one time, or if you choose to spread your purchases over several years, the boards will always “snap together” regardless of when the option is added to a selected board purchase.


Purchases of the Magnetic Blocking Board Option without a simultaneous Blocking Board purchase will result in a full refund of the Magnetic Blocking Board Option purchase.

We’re excited to be offering our customers a pathway to help them to block up to 24″ squares that consists of a modular solution. We are hopeful that you might consider purchasing a blocking board from Chetnanigans with this option knowing that over time, you will have accumulated the necessary tools to block either 16″ squares or 24″ squares, depending on your choices! And as with all of our handcrafted tools here at Chetnanigans, know that your Magnetic Boards are made with care and consideration right here in our little shop in Midlothian, VA.


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