Chetnanigans Premier BlocksAll 812 Blocking Board


Chetnanigans Introduces our newest BlocksAll Blocking Board – The Premier BlocksAll 812

If you are a Fiber Artist with a passion for creating motifs to 12″ squares, Chetnanigans might have the perfect product for you…  The Premier BlocksAll 812!  Finished with a beautiful black walnut trim and comes with a lifetime Chetnanigans Warranty!  It ships with 50 four inch stainless steel pins and 25 two inch stainless steel pins as well as a display stand.  Felted backing protects your working surface and four coats of Polyurethane assures you a beautiful finish as well as protection against damp blocking!

The BocksAll 812 is our latest addition to our line of Blocking Boards and were sure that it just might be a perfect fit for you!  Created in our little shop in Midlothian, the BlocksAll 812 is one of our finest products!  Thanks for considering and dropping by our shop!


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