Chetnanigans New Premier BlocksAll 812 Blocking Board


Chetnanigans Introduces our newest BlocksAll Blocking Board – The Premier BlocksAll 812

If you are a Fiber Artist with a passion for creating motifs to 12″ squares, Chetnanigans might have the perfect product for you…  The Premier BlocksAll 812!  Finished with a beautiful black walnut trim and comes with a lifetime Chetnanigans Warranty!  It ships with 50 six inch stainless steel pins and 25 two inch stainless steel pins as well as a display stand.  Felted backing protects your working surface and four coats of Polyurethane assures you a beautiful finish as well as protection against damp blocking!

The BocksAll 812 is our latest addition to our line of Blocking Boards and were sure that it just might be a perfect fit for you!  Created in our little shop in Midlothian, the BlocksAll 812 is one of our finest products!  Thanks for considering and dropping by our shop!

Chetnanigans introduces it’s Newest BlocksAll Blocking Board – The Premier 812!

Chetnanigans is expanding our Blocking Board offerings to include our latest edition, The BlocksAll Premier 812 Blocking Board. As part of our Premier Series, the BlocksAll 812 comes with a lifetime warranty. It is a perfect solution for those Fiber Artists who work in small to 8″ increments and up to 12″ increments. The unique aspect of this board is that the 1/2″ spacing extends over an 8″ x 8″ area while the balance of the board has 1″ spacing, up to a 12″ x 12″ area. This board allows the user the flexibility to block up to 8″ squares at 1/2″ increments while providing the user with a full 12″ work space!

The BlocksAll 812 ships with Stainless Steel Pins! You get fifty 6″ pins and twenty five 2″ pins, as well as a display stand with every shipment! Like all of our BlocksAll Products, it is fully felted on the backside to protect your working surface. It is finished in four coats of Polyurethane to assure you that damp blocking will not impact this board. It is finished with a beautiful black walnut trim that would encourage any owner to proudly display this tool in their crafting area.

Like all of our handmade products, the Premier 812 is made with care and consideration to detail right here in our little workshop in Midlothian Virginia. Thanks for considering and know that we’d love for you to be one of our newest supporters with your purchase of this beautiful product!

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in


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