Ergo Deluxe Organizer


Are you a Boyd Ergonomic Tool User?  If so, take a look at what we have here!  A chance to keep your hooks and your took all nearby and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.  Introducing the Ergo Deluxe Organizer!  A perfect, compact solution that allows you the ability to organize up to 20 hooks and have your Ergo tool always where you know where it is!  This might be just perfect for you!  See complete description below and thanks for considering Chetnanigans for your crochet accessory purchase!

We recently had a customer contact us and explain that she liked the Ergo Elite, but never used the Comfort Grip Hooks.  She asked if we could build her an organizer that was just the steel hooks and Ergo Handle in a single organizer, and the Ergo Deluxe Organizer was born!

The Ergo Deluxe Organizer is a variation of the Ergo Elite offering.  We’ve moved the rear platform to the front and made it the only platform while adding a space for the Ergonomic Tool.  We’ve left a hole on the right hand side for free scissors that ship with the products (comes with a free Chetnanigans Notions Pack; retractable tape measure, ripper, stitch markers, #13 tapestry needle and the scissors) Additionally, the platform has 20 holes for your hooks and will hold hooks from size N to size B plus an additional seven holes for any steel hooks sizes 00 – 14.

The organizer is finished in a lemon oil finish as are nearly all of Chetnanigans organizers and has felted feet to protect your working surface.  We think that for those Artist using the Boyd Ergonomic Handle, this just might be a perfect solution to having your tool nearby and readily available!  And like all of our products, this organizer is made with care and consideration right here in our little wood shop in Midlothian VA.

Weight .875 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in


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