Introducing The “Flexie Hexie” Hexagon Blocking Board


Introducing the “Flexie Hexie” Hexagon Blocking Board

Looking for the perfect Hexagon Blocking Solution?  We just might have that for you!  See the latest introduction from Chetnanigans for those of you that crochet hexagons!

  • Boards Size – Just under 9” square
  • Hexie Sizes – 4” sides (8” Hexie), 3” sides (6” Hexie) and 2” sides (4” Hexie)
  • Triangles – Three places at the bottom of the board to block 2”, 3” or 4” triangles
  • Pins – Ships with 50 four inch pins (8” Hexie has 48 holes)
  • Felt Covered backing and ships with Free Display Stand
  • Hexie Perfector Strip Pack available – includes six 8.5” strips for blocking all 6 sides

See below for full product description.

Introducing the “Flexie Hexie” Hexagon Blocking Board

Recently, we’ve had several of our customers contact us and ask if our boards will block Hexies.  After some discussion, Holly and I agreed to develop a board specifically for Hexagons.  Introducing, The Flexie Hexie!

The board is just under 9” square and can block three assorted sizes of Hexies; 2” sides, 3” sides and 4” sides.  There is also two or three places on the board that can block 2”, 3” or 4” triangles.  Note that the board also allows for Half Hexies either vertically or horizontally.  It ships with fifty 4” pins (total 48 holes for the 8” Hexie, fewer holes for the smaller sizes).  The backside of the board is felt covered to protect your working surface, and it ships with a free display stand!  Finally, we are offering a Perfector Strip Pak specifically designed for the Flexie Hexie.  The Hexie Perfector Strip Pack comes with 6 eight and a half inch strips and sells for $24.95.

This board, like all of our handcrafted products, are built with care and careful consideration in our little shop right here in Midlothian, Virginia.  Thanks for looking and considering a purchase of our latest introduction, The Flexie Hexie!

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in


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