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For our customers who love their Clover Soft Touch or their Crochet lights, Chetnanigans has the solution and your search for a stand or organizer that will hold your oblong shaped hooks is finally over!  Chetnanigans is proud to offer customized handcrafted options of oblong holes for the perfect fit!

Key Feature: A custom designed organizer / workstation that is built with oblong holes to your specifications!  You select the number of holes in your organizer and we’ll put them exactly where they shine (and show off your hooks!).

Materials:  N/A

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”):  5/8″ x 7/16 or 3/8″ x 1/2 or 1/4″

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Chetnanigans is proud to offer you Oblong Hole Options for new orders of your Organizer / Workstations and Hook Stands (for Crochet Light, Clover Soft Touch, Knitter’s Pride Crochet Hooks and more!)

Please read this listing carefully as these are “customization options” and must be purchased at the time of ordering your new organizer / workstation or hook stand.  Regretfully, we are not able to retrofit existing items you may already own.

For all of our customers who are using crochet hooks that are oblong, we’ve designed a solution for you!  Chetnanigans can convert almost any planned 1/2″ hole into a oblong hole for your specialty hooks.  For the Crochet Light Hooks, the hole dimensions are 5/8″ long and 7/16″ wide (at the widest point).  For the Clover Soft Touch / Knitter’s Pride (and other oblong shaped crochet hooks) hook holes, the dimensions are 5/8″ long and 3/8″ wide.  If you have a hook that is outside of these dimensions, please reach out and we’ll be happy to see if we can accommodate your specific request.

To order, simply select your preferred Chetnanigans Organizer / Workstation or Hook Stand.  Once selected, come back to this listing and determine the quantity of holes and type of hole that you want.  Order your quantity and hole type and we’ll add those holes to your organizer / workstation or Hook Stand item.  If you want a specific location in your organizer for these holes, simply let us know and we’ll accommodate your request.  If you don’t specify a location, we will determine the best location, or reach out to you with our thoughts and suggestions.  It’s just that simple!

Each customized hole is only $3.00!

Thanks for considering Chetnanigans for your crochet accessory purchases.  We are grateful for your consideration and are hopeful that you can be one of our newest customers helping build our little shop in Midlothian VA.

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Simply let us know the quantity of holes that you desire and we'll place them in the best possible position. It's just that simple! Select from either Soft Touch or Crochet Light sizes. Your product will usually ship within two to three weeks of your invoice date.