The “BlocksAll Plus” Afghan / Granny Square Blocker


As most of our customers know, making professional Granny Squares is not as easy as it might seem!  After completion, and in order to maximize their appearance, they need to be blocked.  It is this part of the process that makes our “BlocksAll Plus” product shine!  From as little as 1/2″ squares (or 1″ pixels) up to 12″ squares (and anything in between), the “BlocksAll Plus” can do it all!  It ships with a FREE display stand and you can be assured this product will provide you many years of great performance!

Key Feature:  Blocks Granny Squares from 1″ to 12″ in one inch increments allowing you to block several different projects at the same time!  In the first quadrant, the holes are exactly 1/2″ apart. It is finished with 4 coats of polyurethane to assure perfect performance every time!

Materials:  Red Oak, 50 stainless steel pins. Includes Free Stand with Purchase!

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”):  13″ x 13″ x 1/2″

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The BlocksAll Plus is yet another solution that Chetnanigans offered to one of our custom customers! Jennifer came to us requesting a solution for her passion… Making smaller squares. She wanted a large blocker as she was happy with making her Afghans at around 12″ square, but Jen also has a passion for making smaller granny squares, and these smaller squares weren’t always exactly an inch, two or three square. After some back and forth, we suggested that instead of buying a Mini Blocker and a BlocksAll, we combine both needs into a new custom product just for her! She was ecstatic with our proposal and we built her the very first BlocksAll plus!

The BlocksAll Plus is identical to the BlocksAll except in the first quadrant of the board… it is in that section that the holes are 1/2″ apart versus 1″apart on the rest of the board, With this tool, you can block from 12″ down to 1/2″. or up to 6″ squares in half inch increments! For the balance of the board, each hole is precisely one inch away from the next, maximizing the flexibility and uses that this EZ Blocker will provide.  This blocker is made of solid 1/2″ Red Oak with four coats of polyurethane to protect the board, add strength and resist water. The design provides the ability to fill the entire outside edge of a 12″ square.  Additionally, the BlocksAll EZ Blocker has the unique ability to block rectangles and in more than one size block at a time.  This product allows our 1″ pixel square customers a unique opportunity to place several items next to each other for an accurate view of what your final product might look like before attaching them together!

Chetnanigans has transitioned to stainless steel pins for all of our blocking boards! They are stronger than our original design, and are still 55% smaller than the 1/4″ dowels that many of our competitors use! Finally they has a beautifully rounded end so that it won’t snag on your yarn, and fits into, and out of the holes perfectly!

The BlocksAll Plus has a fully felted backside to protect your working surfaces. It ships with a free vertical display stand to minimize storage needs and it comes with 25 two inch pins and 25 six inch pins to help you block nearly any combination that you might want!

As are all Chetnanigans’ products, it too is made right here in Midlothian in our little wood shop with care, consideration and attention to detail!

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 in



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