The Clover Amour / Soft Touch Organizer – New From Chetnanigans!


The Clover Amour / Soft Touch Organizer is a perfect little compact organizer for those of you that prefer Clover Amour and Soft Touch Hooks.  The hook holes in the front row on the platform are oblong to fit 5 of your favorite Soft Touch Hooks, while the back row holes at 1/2″ each will accommodate an additional 5 of your favorite Amour Hooks!  Of course it ships with the free Chetnanigans Accessory Package, and for those of you that prefer these hooks over others, this just might be the perfect little hook organizer for you.  See the full description below, and thanks for considering our shop for your crochet accessory purchase!

The Clover Amour / Soft Touch Organizer is our latest organizer to be offered on our site!  If you are a Clover Hooks Fan, this just might be the perfect organizer for you!

While at the CGOA Event this Summer, we had the pleasure of meeting Kathy of ELK Studio. She is a very competent and well respected blogger with lots of followers. Her blog spot has some of the most dedicated readers in the market! In a follow up conversation, I asked her if there was a model on our site that she might be interested in… She explained that for some projects, although not all, she prefers to use Clover Soft Touch and Amour Hooks. So immediately, we agreed to design and market an organizer built specifically for this targeted audience!

The Clover Amour / Soft Touch Organizer is designed to accommodate up to 5 Amour Hooks and 5 Soft Touch Hooks. There is an eleventh hole that can be used for a scissors holder, or if you prefer, an eleventh hook! The Clover Amour / Soft Touch Organizer ships with the Chetnanigans Free Notions Kit consisting of a 60″ retractable Tape Measure, a Ripper, a #13 Tapestry Needle, a pair of 5″ scissors and of course, 10 stitch markers!

It is finished in red oak, as are almost all of our products, and it is complimented with a coat of Lemon oil to highlight the wood grain and finish! Of course, the front holes are slightly elongated into an oblong to accommodate Clover’s Soft Touch Hooks. It comes with protective feet so that your surface, nor the organizer is scratched when sliding it around your work area.

We are grateful to the Clover Corporation for all that they do to help our customers maximize their crocheting hobbies, and we think that an organizer designed for their specific customers might just be the right touch for all of you out there that prefer Clover Hooks over some other brands.

The Clover Amour / Soft Touch Organizer, like all of our products, we designed right here, and is built right here to our exacting standards in our little wood shop located in Midlothian, VA. We hope that the Clover Amour / Soft Touch Organizer is exactly the organizational tools that you’ve been looking for to increase your pleasure and organizational skills around your fiber art passion!

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


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