The Laptop Pattern Partner


The Laptop Pattern Partner is as comfortable in your lap as it is on any nearby flat surface!  It’s simple yet elegant design is just perfect for following complex patterns or recipes.  You can easily focus on your key information by simply positioning the yellow Plexiglas slider over the paper.  It easily slides up and down with just the touch of your finger.  And when not on your lap or next to you on a chair, it can be placed on any flat surface and elevated for easier viewing!

Key Feature:  Lightweight and maneuverable, the Laptop Pattern Partner is perfect to help you read your pattern and enhance your knitting or crocheting skills! It even includes two oak dowels when you have a nearby flat surface that you can use!

Materials:  Red Oak, steel strip, Magnet, Plexiglas

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”):  12″ x 10″ x 1″

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The Laptop Pattern Partner – New from Chetnanigans! The Chetnanigans’ Pattern Partner is one of our most admired items! It’s unique design and construction differentiate it from many of Chetnanigans’ other products. However, even with it’s elegant design, it can’t appeal to everyone as it’s designed to be used on a desktop or hard surface.

Holly asked if we could build for her a Pattern Partner that she could use in her lap. We talked a bit about it, and off to the shop I went! The results of our conversation are awesome!

The Laptop Pattern Partner is about 30% lighter than the desktop version as the base of the item, is constructed with 1/4″ red oak (vs. 1/2″ for the desktop version). Additionally, as it’s a mobile item, we enclosed the pattern paper on all sides so that as you move around, the pattern won’t fall out. We also extended the yellow acrylic bar to nearly touch the far side of the Pattern Partner, again to stabilize the paper pattern when inserted. Other features include the sliding bar with the acrylic bar fastened with a small screw and tightly inserted into it’s own hardwood channel. On the back, we’ve of course added felt to protect your working surfaces as well as included two oak dowels (~4″ high), that can be inserted into the back of the Laptop Pattern Partner so that it can be placed on a table or horizontal surface and be angled just right, for you to review your pattern while continuing to crochet with both hands.

Additionally, the entire item is assembled using brass wood screws (with the exception of the base, that’s glued together) that are either on the sides or back to enhance the cosmetics of the Laptop Pattern Partner! It’s overall dimensions are 12″ high X 10″ wide and 1″ deep. Finally, it weighs in at a scant 23 ounces for easy maneuverability and light enough to keep in you lap all night!

As are all Chetnanigans’ products, the Laptop Pattern Partner is built with pride and precision right here in our little wood shop located in Midlothian, Virginia!

Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 1.5 in


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