The New Convertible Pattern Partner


The Convertible Pattern Partner is as comfortable in your craft room as it is in your kitchen.  It’s simple yet elegant design is just perfect for following complex patterns or recipies.  You can easily focus on your key information by simply positioning the yellow Plexiglas slider over the paper.  It easily slides up and down with just the touch of your finger.  The Convertible Pattern Partner ease of use will take your skills to the next level.

Key Feature:  The magnetically attached easel provides a stable angle perfect stand for your to read while crocheting or working in the kitchen.  The yellow highligher bar allows you the ability to focus on the key points or the “repeat” while crocheting.  To position the bar, simply touch it with your finger to move it up or down!

Materials:  Red Oak, steel strip, Hardwood Easel, Magnets, Plexiglas

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”):  11 1/2″ x 9 5/8″ x 1.5″

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CHETNANIGANS Convertible Pattern Partner

Our original Pattern Partner was the results of nearly three months of initial planning while The Convertible Pattern Partner is the result of much planning and revision over time. The original version included an stand-up easel to make for easy reading, while our laptop version allowed the convenience of holding the patterns on one’s lap or close by on a sofa or chair. The NEW Convertible version offers both options utilizing a detachable magnetized easel back. We wanted to provide a Pattern Reader that was unique, simple and elegant and most importantly, flexible! It’s key feature is the magnet / metal bar solution to mange the slider. It uses a very strong magnet to pull against a bar that runs the length of the left hand side. The results are a smooth slide with the ability to stop and have the bar stay in any position on the paper. Our latest enhancement is the easy removable easel on the back (held in place by 8 magnets) making the unit available to stand or be placed in your lap!

The Pattern Partner can accommodate several sheets of paper giving you the option to retain all of your pattern pages together while using the reader. The slider can be slide up or down with the touch of just one finger (you can see a video of of the slider movement it on our Facebook page). It will comfortably hold an 8.5″ X 11″ piece of paper, but the unique design enables widths that are wider. The reader bar covers nearly the full 8.5″ viewing area and is 3/4″ wide. The color (highlighter yellow) provides a crisp, sharp differentiation from the white paper and is very easy on your eyes.

The Convertible Pattern Partner’s measurements are 9 5/8″ wide X 11 1/2″ high X 2″ deep (or 8 1/2″ deep with the easel extended). It is constructed from Red Oak with the exception of the easel (prefabricated, hardwood). It is finished in a lemon oil finish that enhances the grain and quality of the wood. The item is screwed together on the side and bottom. The slider bar holding the yellow reader acrylic is securely attached and fits snugly on the guide bars on the left side of the reader.

We are sure that the Pattern Partner will provide you many years of carefree performance. It’s simple yet elegant design minimizes moving parts and will provide a beautiful addition to your Fiber Arts Workplace.

Thanks for looking and know that we look forward to working with you the very near future!

Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 1 in

3 reviews for The New Convertible Pattern Partner

  1. Janice Treesh

    Omg the pattern holder is great. You have done a great job. You have wonderful talent. God bless.

    The Pattern Partner – NEW From Chetnanigans!

  2. gram14baw

    The pattern planner is a crafter’s dream. It is so well made with quality materials. The wood is so pretty. It will last forever. I found another use also. Great to put my recipe on while cooking as well as patterns while crocheting/knitting. Everything I have bought gpfro this store has been quality workmanship. Me favorite store to,purchase from. I highly recommend these products. Cptheir customer service is above and beyond as well.

  3. TC BookWoman

    Another good looking item that functions wonderfully!! Very happy with it! Holds multiple pages patterns, the bar moves easily and stays where I move it. The yellow highlight bar is very helpful, also, as is the easel. I already ordered another item because I am so impressed with the workmanship & functionality of the three products I now own. Thank you to Sean & Holly!!

    The Pattern Partner – NEW From Chetnanigans!

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