The SlimLine Comfort Grip Deluxe Organizer / Workstation



Introducing the SlimLine Comfort Grip Deluxe Organizer / Workstation that provides an answer to all of our customers who prefer a crochet hook organizer / Workstation designed specifically for their Comfort Grip Hooks.  Finally, a solution that allows you to purchase exactly what you want, with exactly the right number of holes to best manage your crochet hooks and tools in space saving organizer / workstation!  A simple, yet elegant single platform design, the SlimLine Comfort Grip Deluxe Series Organizer / Workstation can sit nearby your crochet area and provide you with an easily accessible selection of your favorite hooks!

Key Feature: The SlimLine Comfort Grip Deluxe Organizer / Workstation targets those fiber artists that prefer Comfort Grip Hooks (vs. Standard Grip).  This product ensures every hole will be filled with your favorite hooks!  And, as bonus to our customers, with the purchase of this product, Chetnanigans’ will ships a FREE Chetnanigans Accessory Kit!  The SlimLine Version is offered at a lower cost with less expensive shipping requirements!

Materials: Red Oak

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”): 7″ x 4 1/2″ x 2 3/4″

See below for complete product description.

Chetnanigans has revamped the design of our SlimLine Series to improve the cosmetics and appeal of our products.  Additionally, we are keeping these “In Stock” so that we can ship your order no later than 24 hours after you have paid.  If we are unable to ship within 24 hours, we will notify you for the delivery date or a refund offer.  We are excited to make these changes to our line and are hopeful that you will enjoy the differences made as well!  Thanks for considering Chetnanigans for your heirloom quality crochet accessory purchase

The success of the Elite Organizer / Workstation has opened our eyes as to what features and benefits that customers are looking for in their crochet needs!  The beauty of the Elite is that it will help you manage 25 Comfort Grip Hooks AND 24 Aluminum and Steel hooks, but what if you prefer one style over the other?  Introducing the SlimLine Deluxe Series!

We are offering the SlimLine Comfort Grip Deluxe as an alternative to our traditional Deluxe Series Products for those who prefer the trim, slimmer appearance of the SlimLine Series.  The SlimLine Deluxe Series provides is available in either Comfort Grip or Standard Grip versions (see Standard Grip individual product page for more details).  The SlimLine Comfort Grip Deluxe Organizer / Workstation will hold 25 Comfort Grip hooks (or 24 if you use one hole for the free pair of scissors that ships with it).

The design is simple, yet elegant.  As with all of our SlimLine Products, the SlimLine Comfort Grip Deluxe is built with a 1/2″ Red Oak Base and includes a 1/4″ Red Oak Platform.  The platform height is set at just under half the height of a Comfort Grip Hook allowing the majority of the hooks to be displayed above the platform.  As a bonus to our customer, this product ships with the Free Chetnanigans’ Accessory Kit including a 60″ retractable tape measure, a pair of 5.5″ scissors (color may vary upon availability), a seam ripper, a #13 Tapestry needle and ten stitch markers to make counting your rows easier than ever!

The SlimLine Comfort Grip Deluxe is a perfect solution for those fiber artists who prefer the Comfort Grip Hooks over the Standard Grip hooks, and prefer our trimmer (less expensive) and sleeker SlimLine Series Products.  Finally, a solution to manage up to 25 of your hooks in a compact, elegant and readily accessible organizer, right there next to where you crochet.

As with all Chetnanigans Products, the SlimLine Comfort Grip Deluxe Series is built right here in Midlothian Virginia with the same care, consideration and attention to craftsmanship that has made our organizers one of the best selling, crafted solutions available!

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in


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