The SlimLine “Ergo-Elite” Hook Organizer / Workstation


The SlimLine “Ergo-Elite” Hook Organizer / Workstation is Chetnanigans answer to our acclaimed “Elite” Organizer / Workstand for our customers who love using the Boye’s Ergonomic Interchangeable Handle, but still want to have the fingertip ease of the Elite!  This two-tier organizer/workstation holds up to 34 crochet hooks in addition to the iconic Blue/Green Ergonomic Handle from Boye.  The front platform accommodates your comfort grip hooks (when not using the Ergo Handle) and a rear platform will hold up to 16 standard grip hooks to pick from when the Ergo Handle is used.  The perfect solution to keeping all of your crocheting accessories nearby and handy!

Key Feature:  The “Ergo-Elite” is THE SOLUTION for our customers who use the Boye Ergonomic Interchangeable Handle on a fairly regular basis!  We’ve designed the “Ergo Elite” to hold the handle and hooks within easy reach.  If you don’t mind “mixing”, you can place your rubber grommets in the stitch marker tray for easy access!  What’s not to like with this execution of an Organizer / Workstation?

Materials: Red Oak

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”): 7″ x 5″ x 3″

See below for complete product description.

The new SlimLine “Ergo-Elite” Organizer / Workstation is for all the amazing fiber artists who prefer to work with the Boye Ergonomic Adapter for Aluminum Crochet Hooks.  This product accommodates more hooks than the majority of our other workstations while providing that perfect place for your Ergonomic handle!  The SlimLine “Ergo-Elite” Hook Organizer / Workstation features TWO tiers!!!!  The front platform holds 18 of your Clover Amour, Cheffort, or most Crochet Dude “Comfort Grip” Crochet hooks and the rear platform holds ten aluminum and six steel standard grip hooks!  In addition to holding 34 of your favorite hooks, it comes with the Free Chetnanigans Accessory Kit which includes a pair of 51/2″ scissors (colors may vary based upon availability), a 60″ retractable measuring tape, a seam ripper, a #13 stainless steel yarn needle, and 10 stitch markers!

The SlimLine “Ergo-Elite” puts everything at your fingertips and prominently displays a place for your Ergo Handle minimizing time spent looking for it!  This beautiful designed product is the perfect way for you to display that cache of hooks you’ve been zipping / unzipping, fishing out of plastic bags or having to unroll…plus none of those pesky accessories will ever get away from you again!

The SlimLine “Ergo-Elite” is crafted in Red Oak with an oil-rubbed finish (unless otherwise requested: see Custom Finishes Listing for details) to enhance the wood grain. Made, as always, with the finest craftsmanship in our little wood shop in Midlothian, Virginia!

Weight 1.35 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in


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