The TrayMate Add On Accessory


The TrayMate is the perfect solution for our customers who have hooks that are only used “on occasion” but would like them to be at your fingertips.  It easily attaches to your Workstation / Organizer or Hook Stand.   The TrayMate allows you to have hooks and other tools within easy reach.

Key Feature: Can be easily attached to your existing Chetnanigans Organizer or Workstation, or can be integrated into new Workstation / Organizer orders (click below link)

Materials:  Red Oak

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”): 7″ x 1 1/2″ x (1/2″ or 3/4)

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Chetnanigans Organizers / Workstations help our customers rally their fiber arts tools and supplies into a single location increasing their productivity and lowering their frustration (“where is that hook?”).  Now that you have your favorite hooks and tools in a central location, where do you keep your hooks and tools that are only used “on occasion”?

The perfect solution is the TrayMate!  This unique product can be added to an existing Chetnanigans’ Organizer / Workstation.  If you are ordering a new organizer, we can integrate the TrayMate to the construction design of your new product!  If you would like this option, click here to go to the Integrated TrayMate product page

There are two sizes available: the 3/4″ thickness for our existing Elite, Organizer / Workstation or Hook Stands and a 1/2″ thickness for our latest Organizer / Workstation series, the SlimLine.  Both TrayMates are 7″ long and 1 1/2″ wide.  The trough is nearly 1/2″ deep, the same as the stitch marker tray on the front of our Organizers / Workstations.

When ordered as an “Add On” accessory, they are shipped with rounded edges and oiled in the lemon oil natural finish to match our organizers / workstations.  To attach the TrayMate to your existing Chetnanigans’ product, we include 3 small pieces of Velcro to allow you to easily attach the TrayMate to the back of your product.

When ordered as an “Integrated” (that is ordered along with a new organizer / workstation or hook stand), it is incorporated into the overall design and becomes part of your new crochet organizer / workstation / hook stand (see pictures).

Either way, you’ll now have a place that is compact, nearby and handy for placing those hooks and tools that might otherwise be misplaced or lost.

As all of our other products, the TrayMate is carefully manufactured right here in our little shop in Midlothian, Virginia!

Weight .95 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 in

1 review for The TrayMate Add On Accessory

  1. Mboyce

    Two TrayMates – 1 for the Elite, and another for your Chet One

    5 out of 5 stars

    Perfect Sean. These TrayMates match my custom Elite and Chet One beautifully and easily hold all those clips I use when I assemble granny square afghans.

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The TrayMate can be customized! It can be integrated in the front, side or back of your organizer. Feel free to contact us if you would like to get your TrayMate customized to create your very own and unique version of a Chetnanigans Organizer / Workstation. Generally speaking, your product will usually ship within one to three weeks of your invoice date. For the most up to date information about our delivery schedules, please see our "Announcements" Tab on the top navigation menu. It is in this section that we offer our most recent delivery information as the schedules are updated weekly.