Tunisian Crochet Hook Organizer


Finding a beautiful way to display your Tunisian hooks is no longer an issue!  Chetnanigans introduces our latest Tunisian Hook Display Solution, The Tunisian Hook Organizer.  Elegantly designed, yet simple and practical, the Tunisian Hook Stand might just be a perfect, and beautiful solution to hook storage.  See the complete description below, and thanks for considering a purchase from our shop!

Introducing Chetnanigans Tunisian Hook Organizer

Holly asked me to create a simple stand for a new set of Tunisian Hooks that she purchased. I made a slight adjustment to our original design and finished one for her in short order. She loved the changes, and suggested that we add this to our line of organizers! A quick check on Facebook, and it seems that there is a demand for this type of crochet hook organizer.

The changes from our existing organizers are simply, yet pronounced. There are 12 total holes (complete set is 11 plus the scissors hole). The hole sizes are from 8mm to 2mm. There is a scissors hole that is oblong so as to assure that your scissors won’t fall out. The height of the platform is at ~ 7.5″ and the base divots are 3x to 4x deeper than we normally drill them. This assures that your hooks stay in place when moving your organizer from room to room. It ships with the free Chetnanigans Notion kit, including a free pair of scissors, 10 stitch markers, a #13 tapestry needle, a ripper and a retractable tape measure (as pictured). Hooks are not included in the sale. Finally, the organizer is finished in lemon oil as are nearly all of our hook stands and organizers, and includes felted feet to protect your surface.

If you have a set of Tunisian Hooks, you can have them beautifully displayed in your crafting area for under $39! And know that these are crafted with consideration and care right here in our little Midlothian VA. wood shop!

Weight .94 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in


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