New Mocha Collection – COMING SOON!

Over the last two years, we’ve met with, and worked with many different US based manufacturers trying to find a quality manufacturer that could duplicate our design and quality in larger production runs.  It turns out that this task is a formidable challenge.  Either they weren’t able to duplicate our quality, or they quoted costs that could not be rationalized!

Very frustrating…  Finally, we started working with a small local company that has shared visions of growing with us.  They help us with our board production and now they are helping us build our latest “Mocha” series of organizer.  They will be engaged building eight models with us; two hook stands, two organizers, two Deluxe organizers and our Twin and Elite.

You’ll note that the Mocha Collection is based off our SlimLine Series, but with added Black Walnut highlights and platform rods.  These additions add a sense of beauty and elegance to our organizer collection.

Feel free to look around and select any model knowing that these products are “Chetnanigans Original Design and Quality, Manufactured to Perfection!

Thanks for stopping by and considering Chetnanigans for your next crochet accessory purchase!

Captured Images of the Mocha Collection Elite and Comfort Grip Deluxe models. To be added to the Collection: two Hook Stands, two Organizers, and The Twin, all coming soon