Oombakwa Designs Reviews Our Tiered Travel Case

“The entire case is a handmade work of art”

Rhonda of Oombakwa Design Crochet has just received and reviewed our latest offering… The Tiered Travel Case.

She summed up her experience with it in a single comment, “The entire case is a handmade work of art.”  We are flattered that she finds the case a work of art, while also quite utilitarian in that it holds all of your necessary notions along with 4 slots for hook storage.  If you aren’t familiar with Rhondda’s site, we strongly encourage you to check it out (click here!).  It is a very robust site with lots of free goodies and a deep library of helpful crochet tips and patterns. We can’t thank Rhondda enough for her review and her motivation to help us design and build this case (her idea!). Check out her Facebook Page and be sure to follow her for all of the latest in Fiber Arts insights!

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