The Handcrafted Hairpin Lace Loom


Our Handcrafted Hairpin Lace Loom is made of 100% Red Oak Hardwood.  It has adjustable settings designed to accommodate a variety of widths of hairpin lace.  This product ships with a set of 8 rubber grommets to fit under and over the rods to assist in keeping the crossbars stable and offset seasonal differences in temperature and humidity.  If you have never had the confidence to try hairpin lace, our original loom and a good tutorial video (check out Brittany’s from’s video) are all you need to get started!

Key Feature:  Our Handcrafted Hairpin Lace Loom has 15″ rods that will hold up to 250 loops per side of worsted and even more of the finer weight yarns!

Materials:  Red Oak Hardwood, Rubber Grommets

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”): 15″ x 15(mm) x 1/2″

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