The Handcrafted Hairpin Lace Loom


Our Handcrafted Hairpin Lace Loom is made of 100% Red Oak Hardwood.  It has adjustable settings designed to accommodate a variety of widths of hairpin lace.  This product ships with a set of 8 rubber grommets to fit under and over the rods to assist in keeping the crossbars stable and offset seasonal differences in temperature and humidity.  If you have never had the confidence to try hairpin lace, our original loom and a good tutorial video (check out Brittany’s from’s video) are all you need to get started!

Key Feature:  Our Handcrafted Hairpin Lace Loom has 15″ rods that will hold up to 250 loops per side of worsted and even more of the finer weight yarns!

Materials:  Red Oak Hardwood, Rubber Grommets

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”): 15″ x 15(mm) x 1/2″

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We created the Hairpin Lace Loom design at the request from a local Crocheting Group.  It has proven to be a big hit and it has become one of our highest demanded products!  Our looms are personally handcrafted and designed to provide maximum flexibility and ease of use.  All components are solid oak, rounded and sanded smooth so that yarn slides easily over, around and through the device’s compact design.  The rods are 15” long and the base unit are is about 7” which allows for designs up to 6” wide.  There are 5 settings to accommodate 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 cm oversize rods.  The 15″ rods provide capacity of up to 250 – 300 loops per side (or more depending on yarn weight).  The Hairpin Lace Loom ships with 8 rubber grommets to help stabilize your crossbars on the rods when variances in heat and humidity cause minor slippage.  Instructions and “How To” can be seen in our video below. step walking

Have fun and make beautiful Infinity Scarfs and more with your new loom!  Made, as always, with the finest craftsmanship in our little wood shop in Midlothian, Virginia!

Please note that the pictures of multiple looms are provided for marketing purposes. The price in this listing is for a single loom.

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 4 in

3 reviews for The Handcrafted Hairpin Lace Loom

  1. Suzie

    Perfect! Beautiful Handcrafted Loom, super fast shipping during Holidays, packed very well AND very courteous and helpful Etsy sellers! Thanks so much!

  2. terbearanderwi

    Another awesome Loom by truly a good artist!

  3. Cindy Daily

    This a beautiful loom. It is by far better than the metal and plastic one I had used previously. This loom never comes apart when I am crocheting with it. The wood is impeccably finished. The customer service is top notch. I will be buying from this shop again.

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