The “Knitter’s Dream” Organizer / Workstation


Finally!  The Knitting Community has a Chetnanigans’ Organizer / Workstation that they can call their own!  The Knitters Dream Organizer / Workstation just might be the perfect solution to trying to manage all of those straight and circular needles that you have amassed over the years.  Designed to hold nearly 30 pairs of knitting needles, the Knitters Dream can handle large, medium and small straight hooks as well as a customized front platform to hold your circular needles.  This product was designed with the support of Knitting Professionals who reached out to us for a solution.  As a result, we are proud of this product and feel will be a perfect solution to solve Knitters organization needs.  Many thanks to all of you who supported us in the seeding of the product…we hope you enjoy the Knitters Dream Organizer / Workstation as much as we enjoyed collaborating with you.

Key Feature:  Designed specifically for knitting needles!  This product holds circular needs and includes holes that will hold up to 28 pair of knitting needles of various sizes.

Materials:  Red Oak

Dimensions:  (L” x W” x H”):  7″ x 6″ x 5″

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Since we have opened our store, we have received numerous requests from Knitters to include them in the “let’s get organized” fiber artist’s “movement”.  We were initially perplexed with the sheer number and sizes of knitting needles…how could we ever build an organizer that would accommodate the majority of knitters needs as well as we have done for our Crochet Professionals.  We certainly do not want to disappoint Knitting Professionals, so we reached out to Professional Knitters that had contacted us and with their help and it turned out that many of our reservations were unfounded!  Many thanks to all the knitters that were kind enough to share their ideas and concepts for an organizer that would meet their needs.  We jumped in design mode and after several iterations, we landed on a concept that addressed the vast majority of our potential knitting customer’s needs.  The result of our working together has allowed us to introduce a product specifically designed for this trade; The “Knitter’s Dream”.

The Knitters Dream Product is similar to our other traditionally styled Chetnanigans Products.  It has a 7″ base and incorporates our stitch marker tray as well as a trough for the included tape measure.  But the major differences are based on the design of the Platforms.  The front Platform was specifically designed to accommodate Circular Hooks (6 pairs, 12 holes, sizes 4 – 9 and these can be adjusted to your specific needs), while the rear platform was designed to address all of your Straight Needle needs.

The front platform is about 4″ high and sits a top a piece of Red Oak.  This platform is 1 1/2″ wide to accommodate your circular needles.  The rear platform hovers above a piece of 1/2″ Red Oak, and is 5″ high to add stability for straight needles when they are stored.  Additionally, the rear platform offers a variety of holes sizes designed to accommodate all of your straight needles.  The back row of the top platform has six 5/8″ holes to address your larger needles.  The middle row consists of nine 1/2″ holes to accommodate your medium sized straight needles and finally, the front row is comprised of eight 3/8″ holes to place your smaller straight needles.  In total, the rear platform can hold up to 23 pair of straight needles, and according to our knitting friends, “that’s enough to get started!”

An additional change incorporated into the Knitters Dream design is the difference in the divots in the bases to accommodate your needle tips.  As your Knitting Needles will be placed into the holes as a pair, we had to make sure that the “divots (slight indentations on the base to hold your needle tips), are the appropriate size and depth to assure that you tips would stay in place.  After several tests, we determined the best depth and width for these divots which provide a stable storage environment for your straight needles.

Of course this product can be customized to your specific needs.  If you would prefer different front platform holes for your circular needles, Chetnanigans can address that request and may not incur additional cost as long as your largest holes don’t exceed a Size 13 Needle.  The rear platform can be customized, but as that requires a template change, there would be costs associated with that change.  Actual costs will be determined at time of your order.

Additionally, as a bonus to our new Knitting Professional customer, we will include a FREE Chetnanigans Accessory Kit consisting of a 60″ retractable tape measure, a pair of 5 1/2” scissors (color may vary based upon availability), ten stitch markers, a seam ripper and a #13 tapestry needle.

Finally, we are excited to enter the knitter’s world of the fiber artist community.  We are hopeful that you find the quality, efficiency and cosmetics of our product will meet or exceed your expectations.  The Knitters Dream Organizer / Workstation is built right here in Midlothian Virginia with the same care, consideration and craftsmanship as are all of our products, placing our quality among the highest in craftsmen addressing the fiber artist market!



Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in


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Delivery of your Knitter's Dream can take up to three weeks depending on our in house order situation, the the customization that you are requesting. If you would like the front platform customized to your needs, and your needle size won't exceed a size 13 needle, there are no additional charges, and delivery time will not be impacted. Be sure to reach out with the appropriate information at the time of your order, or it will be constructed according to the above specifications.