The Standard Grip Crochet Organizer / Workstation


The Standard Grip Organizer / Workstation is the product concept that placed Chetnanigans on the Crochet Accessory Retailer’s Map!  A simple and elegant design allows crochet professionals the ability to easily and comfortably change hooks with a minimal amount of effort (especially when compared to vinyl bags or rolled crochet hook holders!).  All of our Organizers / workstations ship with a FREE Chetnanigans Accessory Kit consisting of 10 stitch markers, a seam ripper, a #13 tapestry needle, a pair of scissors (colors may vary based upon availability and a 60″ retractable tape measure (as pictured).  Once you place this display next to your crochet area, you will never go back to how you stored your hooks before and hopefully, tell your friends about your experience.

Key Feature: The Standard Grip Crochet Organizer / Workstation holds 16 hooks (D through L and 7 holes for your steel hooks, sizes 00 – 14). It is a beautiful way for you to improve your crocheting efficiency while creating a conversation piece with your Crochet Group Friends!

Materials: Red Oak

Dimensions (L” x W” x x H”): 7″ x 3 1/2″ x 3 1/4″

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