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Welcome to Chetnanigans Shipment Planning Page


Chetnanigans’ products are individually handcrafted.  As a result, we stock a very limited number of items for immediate delivery.  The items that can be shipped immediately can be found under our “Ready to Ship” category.  Take a quick look to see what we have available today!

Based upon demand, our delivery times may vary some, but right now, we are delivering 2 to 3 weeks after your order is placed.  We are pleased (based upon our customer’s reviews) that our customers find the wait is worthwhile!  We appreciate your support, and patience!

Although the above information is subject to change and varying factors, please know that it is our intention to deliver your items within the above stated window.  If an issue arises that prevents us from accomplishing this commitment, you will receive a personalized notification explaining the issue, and the impact that this issue will have on your expected delivery, and generally speaking, for those who are experiencing delays, you will be rewarded for your patience!  Additionally, if your needs are for a more aggressive delivery, please reach out and we’ll see what we can do for you!


Chetnanigans is willing to ship our products to any person regardless of location.  However, due to some historic issues, we request that you contact us via email or telephone prior to ordering your Chetnanigans’ product.  International orders that were initiated without prior engagement will be deleted and a full refund issued.

We apologize in advance for this policy but without a prior conversation or engagement,  we are unable to complete international orders.  Since inception, Chetnanigans has shipped to many countries without incident.  However, there have been some occasional issues that arose that were difficult to resolve after the shipment was made.  It is due to these instances that we require engagement with our potential international clients prior to shipments being initiated.

Thank you for your understanding and anticipated cooperation.



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