Chetnanigans Mag-Snap Yarn Swift


Introducing the Chetnanigans Mag-Snap Yarn Swift!

There have been requests from some of our customers that we design and build a swift.  With nearly 300 of these available on Etsy alone, I didn’t see a need to create yet another version, until someone suggested that ours include MAGNETS!  Then I became very interested.  Here are the highlights!

  • Swift arms are 15” x ¾”, allowing for a 29” spread between two opposing arms
  • Arm Yarn Pin Holes at 1” increments from 14.5” – 6” (arm end to swift center)
  • Each arm has an embedded magnet that corresponds with a strong base magnet
  • The Swift includes 4 arms, 4 stainless steel pins, the swivel base and a storage bag
  • The mechanism used for the spin is a 3” Lazy Susan mechanism
  • The base comes with rubber feet so that it does not move when in use
  • Each arm can hold up to ~ 6 ounces (max of 24 oz total weight)
  • All surfaces sanded to a very smooth finish to protect your yarn

See complete description below and thanks for considering Chetnanigans Mag-Snap Yarn Swift