8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra


The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra

We’ve introduced this model as a mid – point for our BlocksAll Ultra and our 8″ BlocksAll customers… positioned below the BlocksAll Ultra, but above the 8″ Premier BlocksAll, the 8″ BlocksAll Ultra fulfills a perfect position for that customer who is looking for something “just a little bit different!”  Along with the limited lifetime warranty, comes the ability to return the item at anytime during the first year for up to 100% of the purchase price in a store credit… so what is to lose?

So consider taking the “plunge” for a board that will block from 1/2″ to 8″ in 1/2″ inch increments!  It ships with a free stand that will allow you to position the item in your craft room in a vertical position, and of course, it’s backside is fully felt protected to assure you that regardless of the surface that you are working on, it will not be damaged in any way!

Chetnanigans has transitioned to stainless steel pins for all of our blocking boards! They are stronger than our original design, and are still 55% smaller than the 1/4″ dowels that many of our competitors use! Finally they has a beautifully rounded end so that it won’t snag on your yarn, and fits into, and out of the holes perfectly!

The 8″ Premier BlocksAll Ultra might be the best solution for you… knowing that it’s not the best solution for everyone, but then that’s why you’ll be able to crochet in a fashion that is near the bloggers / Professionals!  Good Luck!

8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra

We are very excited to introduce one of our newest Granny Square Blocking Solutions – The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra!  And now, It ships with Stainless Steel Pins!

The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra is positioned in between several of our offerings.  It’s like the 12” BlocksAll Ultra, only smaller…  it’s the same size as our 8” Premier BlocksAll, but with pins holes at ½” versus 1”, and as it too is a Chetnanigans Premier Product it ships with a Lifetime Warranty!

The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra measures approximately 10” x 10” x ½” and is made from solid red oak with a ¼” black walnut trim around the entire outside of the board for a cosmetic appeal matched only by Chetnanigans other Premier Products.  The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra will block from ½” up to a full 8” square in ½” increments.  There are 17 rows and 17 columns (289 holes in total).  This board offers the flexibility of our 12” BlocksAll Ultra, but simply on a smaller scale for those of you that don’t need a full 12” solution.

The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra ships with our smaller sized pins like we use for all of our Blocking Boards…  Some of our competitors are using ¼” dowels as pins, but these are over twice the thickness of our pins!  Larger pins stretch your corners, poke holes throughout the sides of your squares, and are generally more difficult to manage.  And we give you plenty of pins to manage your project, 75 six inch pins ship free with the 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra!   And if you want more or different sized pins, be sure to see our Replacement Pins Listing!  2”, 4” or 6” pins are available to our Blocker customers for a small / reasonable fee.

The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra is finished with a minimum four coats of Polyurethane to assure that your misting will have no effect on the board or pins!  Each hole is drilled three times – once as a very small pilot hole to guarantee proper placement, a second time to drill the hole to the proper size, and the third time after the poly is dried to assure you that each pin will fit properly in each and every hole on the blocker board.

The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra, is fully covered with felt on the backside to assure that any surface that you use your blocker on retains it shine while avoiding scratches. And to help you conserve space in your crafting room, The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra ships with a small display stand so that you can store it vertically, and show it off to all of your friends!

Although our Premier Series offerings aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve been considering a premium Blocking Board Solution to improve the look and performance of your Granny Squares, look no further than our 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra!  With a Limited Lifetime Warranty against Defects, it just might be a perfect solution for you!  And, as with all of Chetnanigans’ products, the 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra is made with care, consideration to detail right here in our little shop in Midlothian. VA. Thanks for considering and we’re confident that you would love this addition to your crochet accessory collection, making you the ultimate envy of every granny square maker!

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in


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