Hairpin Lace “Super” Loom, FA Edition


Our Handcrafted Hairpin Lace Loom is made of 100% Red Oak Hardwood.  It is has adjustable settings designed to provide a variety of widths of hairpin lace.  It also comes with a set of 8 rubber grommets to fit under and over the rods to assist in keeping the crossbars stable and minimize seasonal differences in temperature and humidity.  If you have never had the confidence to try hairpin lace, our looms and a good tutorial on YouTube (try Brittany from are all you need to get started!

Key Feature:  Our Handcrafted Hairpin Lace “Super” Loom has 15″ rods that will hold up to 250 loops per side of worsted and even more of the finer weight yarns!

Materials: Red Oak Hardwood, Aluminum Rods

Dimensions (L” x W” x H”):  15″ x 1 1/4″ x 1/2″

See below for complete product description

We created the original Hairpin Lace “Super” Loom at the request of a customer.  We designed the product so that you can crochet about twice as fast using our “Super” Loom with Bulky (#5) or Super Bulky (#6) yarn vs. lighter weight yarn which is ideal for our standard Hairpin Lace Loom.  Our looms are great for anything from scarfs to shawls to Afghans!  Now you can make beautiful items in about half the time!

We improved on our already awesome design by changing the oak rods for 1/4″ aluminum rods and making the crossbars on the new FA Edition looms more streamlined and easier to manage.  The Hairpin Lace “Super” Loom, FA Edition comes with 6 adjustable settings (from 3 to 8 inches).  It includes two 15″ aluminum rods and measures about 9″ in length.  The crossbars are slightly slimmer at 1 1/2″ in width but retains the 1/2″ height.  These changes make a bar to rod ratio of 2 to 1 which creates a near perfect balance for spinning the loom while crocheting!  Due to the consistency of the rod widths, there’s no need for grommets.  Fluctuations in humidity may minimally affect the red oak bars but not the rods!  These aluminum rods will not swell on those sticky, hot summer days or shrink and loosen in the dry air of winter!  As with the original, the FA is specifically designed for bulky (#5) and super bulky (#6) weight yarn.

Our Hairpin Lace Looms have garnered rave reviews from all corners of North America with 100% customer satisfaction!

As always, this product is made in our little shop in Midlothian, Virginia, and we hope that you will find that your new new Chetnanigans Hairpin Lace “Super” Loom, FA Edition will greatly improve your crocheting experience.

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 4 in


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