Bedside Comfort Crochet Organizer / Workstation


If you are looking for a bedside crochet organizer solution, you’ve come to the right spot!  The new Bedside Comfort Crochet Organizer / workstation is the perfect solution to help you organize your fiber art tools while in bed.  It’s unique design allows you to have both platforms attached, side by side, or you can split the platforms and manage your hooks and your WIP’s independently.  It comes with scissors, a tape measure, a #13 Tapestry needle and a collection of stitch markers, and with their very own storage place on the organizer.

It even includes a miniature version of our popular SpinOff so you can crochet with your skeins a top your organizer.  It’s a workstation that will bring pleasure to anyone who crochets while in bed. See complete description below, or click here to see a short video description on our Facebook Page