“Add-A-Drawer” Crochet Organizer Storage Option


So you’d like an additional small yet private crochet storage area added to your organizer selection!?  We’ll, you’ve come to the perfect offering here at the “Add-A-Drawer” listing!  We can add a drawer to any organizer that you are considering purchasing… or, if you are already a Chetnanigans’ Customer, we can add a drawer to your existing organizer!  Every drawer is equipped with our “Mag-Snap” Feature assuring a tight and perfectly fitting close every time.  Each drawer is about 7″ wide and 2″ high.  Every drawer is enclosed in a beautiful 1/4″ Red Oak housing designed to be an extension of your organizer base.  And like all of our products, your drawer will delight and enhance your crafting experience immediately upon receiving it!  Go ahead an add a drawer to your organizer to make it unique, different and ultimately your most used tool for your crafting area!