The “Flexie” Perfector Strip Package


Introducing The “Flexie” Perfector Strip Package

All Hexies have 6 sides and our “standard” Perfector Strip Package ships with 4 strips, leaving you 2 strips short.  In order to help our Hexie Crocheters, we are introducing The Flexie Perfector Strip Package.  This kit has 6 eight and a half inch Perfector Strips included in the kit so that you can block all six sides of your project.  Read the complete description below, and thanks for considering a purchase!

For those of you that crochet Hexies, we have a perfect solution to help you maintain near perfect blocking for your Hexies!  We are introducing a Perfector Strip Package designed specifically for you!  The Flexie Perfector Strip Package includes six 8.5″ Perfector Strips so that you can shore up all sides of your blocked Hexies at once.  These strips have 1/2″ spacing for 4″ of the strip and 1″ spacing for the remainder.  That allows you to block in either 1/2″ increments or 1″, whichever you prefer!  When ordering, please note that they will ship wiht your board, and if you ordered a board and the Flexie Perfector Strips, we’ll refund you the shipping on the Strips (~ $7.00).  Just look for the refund via your PayPal account, we will be processing the refund about one day after you order!

Our Perfector Strips are the perfect solution for Crocheters who are looking to maximize uniformity when blocking several squares at a time.  The strips assure you that the squares at the top of your stack are essentially identical to those at the bottom of the stack, as well as the same throughout your project.  No more trying to match your squares when joining them by trying to find two that are the same size.  With our Perfector Strips, all of your Hexies will have consistent 2″, 3″ or 4″ sides!  Thanks for considering this purchase, and know that we appreciate your support of our little shop here in Midlothian VA.

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in


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