“The Groove” Broomstick Lace Pin / Tool


Our Broomstick Lace Pin / Tool is a proudly designed specifically for great balance and to eliminate the flip-flop of plastic knitting needles and other “hacks” used to create broomstick lace.  This one-of-a-kind design has a weighted base with a flat disc attached to position your work upright.  This will insure you don’t lose any loops if you are interrupted.  Once you try product, you will never go back!

Key Feature:  Never struggle with removing Broomstick Lace Loops from your pin ever again!  ” The Groove” has a 1/4″ wide and deep groove that will fit crochet hooks up through size K.  It also includes our weighted ball design.  This provides the desired stability and balance you need as you work!  Now you can have it all!  The Groove, the balance and the quality of a Chetnanigans Broomstick Lace Pin / Tool!  And, its’s a Chetnanigans exclusive!

Materials: 1″ diameter Red Oak Dowel, 2.5 ” Wooden Ball

Dimensions (L”xW”xH”):  15″ x 1″ x 1″

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