8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra Crochet Blocking Board


The 8” Premier BlocksAll Ultra Crochet Blocking Board

We’ve introduced this model as a mid – point for our BlocksAll Ultra and our 8″ BlocksAll customers… positioned below the BlocksAll Ultra, but above the 8″ Premier BlocksAll, the 8″ BlocksAll Ultra fulfills a perfect position for that customer who is looking for something “just a little bit different!”  Along with the limited lifetime warranty, comes the ability to return the item at anytime during the first year for up to 100% of the purchase price in a store credit… so what is to lose?

So consider taking the “plunge” for a board that will block from 1/2″ to 8″ in 1/2″ inch increments!  It ships with a free stand that will allow you to position the item in your craft room in a vertical position, and of course, it’s backside is fully felt protected to assure you that regardless of the surface that you are working on, it will not be damaged in any way!

Chetnanigans has transitioned to stainless steel pins for all of our blocking boards! They are stronger than our original design, and are still 55% smaller than the 1/4″ dowels that many of our competitors use! Finally they has a beautifully rounded end so that it won’t snag on your yarn, and fits into, and out of the holes perfectly!

The 8″ Premier BlocksAll Ultra might be the best solution for you… knowing that it’s not the best solution for everyone, but then that’s why you’ll be able to crochet in a fashion that is near the bloggers / Professionals!  Good Luck!